Are you moving out? Look us up for detailed post tenancy cleaning

If you are a tenant about to return your place or a landlord about to rent it out you will definitely require a thorough cleaning of your rental place. Shifting and moving itself can be quite a hassle and time taking which is why our end of tenancy cleaning offers a hassle free, timely solution to your problem. As a tenant you will have to return the space in its original condition, it is a sign of good will as well as an ethical act.

Our professionals excel at deep cleaning in Croydon, you can be assured no nook or cranny will be ignored. We not only have the perfect staff but additionally the top of the market, latest cleaning tools available for industrial or corporate level clean ups. We are not only efficient but totally reliable. You will be granted a spot free space.

For us your satisfaction with the service is most essential, which is why our cleaners go out of the way to provide you with a star class service. Your approval is our desire. Our cleaners are hired after thorough check ups and their professional experience. We have an excellent reputation for providing exceptional cleaning services. We do not hire a third party, or subcontractors. Only our staff members hired and trained by us are sent over. Rest assured we ensure a smooth and quick, cost effective process from the beginning till the end. We believe in offering a friendly, not nosey, customer friendly and an excellent standard of services to our clients.

Get in touch with us to receive a free of cost quote. At the day of the cleaning, our cleaning team leader will explore the property with you and check whether or not the quote needs revising as well as note down any of your desired clean ups. Together you two will create a cleanup checklist.

You can view our different cleaning options, and opt for one that is in accordance with your property size and your budget and time. Our cleaning options are all healthy and safe, we do not opt for any toxic chemicals or substances that are harmful in the long or short term.
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